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The main activity is the organization of cultural leisure of residents Kalininsky district: implementation of theatrical and concert activities, holding cultural and leisure events of various formats and the organization of the work of circles and studios.

Vocal Ensemble "Red Sun"

21 June 2022

Head - Ekaterina Karimova Sergeevna
The winner of the nominal scholarship Governor of the Moscow region, Laureate of All-Russian and International competitions and festivals, choirmaster, vocal teacher, folklorist

Classes in the vocal ensemble "RED SUN" are universal,
designed for both children and adults, with vocal experience and beginners.

The members of the ensemble master many different directions (folk, author's and pop music, folklore, stage ethics, dance and theater), thanks to which the history and culture of our country are more deeply and fully known, love is brought up
and respect for the cultural singing heritage.

In the classroom, adults and children reveal their abilities, give joy to themselves and other people with their creative performances, develop psychological confidence, learn to achieve their goals.

As a result of many years of practice Ekaterina Sergeevna, singer, head of creative teams, has developed her own author's methodology for the development of a singing voice. According to this method, individual and group classes in the ensemble are systematically conducted, as well as master classes: "Breathe correctly", "Speak clearly", "Keep the rhythm", "Turn on the resonators", "Free your voice", "Convey the meaning", "Vocal work on songs".

Age of students: 7 - 11 years, 18 - 45 years

Classes are held in three groups:

junior group (children 7-11 years old);

senior group (adults 18 – 45 years old).

On a free basis

Recording by phone:  417-64-45;  8(921) 552-24-41

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