St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution
Cultural and Leisure Center of the Kalininsky District
195009, St. Petersburg,
Arsenalnaya emb. 13/1, letter A
Manager's phone numbers:+7(952) 356-56-37, +7(812) 542-37-32
DC Constellation St. Petersburg, Piskarevsky pr-t, 10

The main activity is the organization of cultural leisure of residents Kalininsky district: implementation of theatrical and concert activities, holding cultural and leisure events of various formats and the organization of the work of circles and studios.

St. Petersburg Youth Award‑St. Petersburg

14 November 2023

The start of accepting applications for the St. Petersburg Government Award has been announced‑St. Petersburg "St. Petersburg Youth Award‑St. Petersburg"

This year, you can apply only in electronic form. Young people from 14 to 35 years old who have clearly shown themselves and have already achieved some success in cultural, scientific, social or professional activities can apply for the prize – a cash prize of 75,000 rubles.

Anyone who would like to receive a cash prize should choose one or more nominations corresponding to the occupation. The number is not limited. The prize is awarded in 14 nominations.

In the field of education.
In the field of science and technology.
In the field of culture and art.
In the field of business and management.
In the field of journalism.
In the field of public activity.
In the field of civic and patriotic education.
In the field of sports.
In the field of information technology.
In the field of healthcare.
In the service of the Fatherland.
The best young worker.
Mentor of the younger generation.
The head of the best youth and (or) children's public association.

Citizens of any age who have a place of residence or stay in St. Petersburg can apply for the award in the following nominations:

Collection of applications until November 30, 2023.

Consideration of applications by the Award Commission – from December 20.
Preparation by the Committee on Youth Policy and Interaction with Public Organizations of a draft resolution on awarding the prize – within 40 days from the date of summing up the results of the selection of applications.
Payment of the cash prize to the winners – within 30 calendar days after the issuance of the Government decree on the award of the prize.

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